Ways to Keep Your Business Property Safe

keep business safe

There is nothing that can ruin your day faster than coming to work to see a bungled mess, made by burglars who’ve taken advantage of your absence, damaging your property and taking your valuable business assets. Here is a couple of things that you can do to enhance your business enterprise safety.

1. Invest in Safety Screens and Proper Gates

It is well worth dropping a little bit of additional coin on hardy security-grade screens for your business residence. Be sure what you are purchasing is a valid safety screen. The screens shouldn’t be glued in position. Your business does not have to seem like a prison but they should be strong enough to slow down offenders so there’s more prospect of them being seen loitering around your property instead of slipping in unnoticed through a cheap, readily removable screen. Installing strong gates around your business with sturdy gate locks that will keep unwanted visitors out. You can get automatic gate opener systems that only allow you and your staff who possess a remote or app code to access the business property. These automatic gate systems are very secure since there is no physical lock to be picked or cut off the whole system is digital and difficult to intrude.

2. Know Your Neighbours

Your neighbours could be your largest advantage as they are likely to also be business owners who have the same concerns and experiences as you. You will have the ability to keep your eye on one another’s possessions. Let your neighbours know when your own workmen or contractors are coming. This way, any unusual activity is going to be noticed. Nosey neighbours are a fantastic deterrent for thieves so be certain that they are on your side.

3. Get Deadbolts Fitted Into Doorways

Deadbolt locks are a must have for business and home safety. Unlike spring bolt locks which could be opened with force, a deadlock can only be opened by rotating the lock tube, which makes it hard for anybody to make it through the doorway without the right key. Deadlocks are crucial for many businesses and especially the ones which are frequently unoccupied during the vacation season.

4. Keep Your Vacation Activities off Social Networking

It is extremely tempting to take an image of a street sign that is miles away from your house and hashtag it ‘#holiday’ in your social networking streams but thieves are becoming more intelligent. They could determine when a business operates, who works in the business and when they have been on vacation, by simply stalking their social websites feed. It is nice to post some vacation snaps but be somewhat elusive about where you are, for how long, and if your property is empty. Only to be on the secure side.

5. Put Timers on electric appliances

Life is active and a few days you might just be at the office for a couple of hours. In case you’ve got a hectic schedule, it is sometimes a fantastic idea to utilise electric timers to make it look like somebody is working inside. Head to your nearest hardware shop and stock up on some electric timers. Set them on chosen lights and also one on the radio. Place them to mimic a normal day of work. It is a great way to deter intruders from your business.

6. Keep your garden clean

A cluttered overgrown garden may make it look like the property is vacant. Treat your business like your home and put effort into trimming the garden and making it look well kept. Ensure that you keep your garden tidy and neat, that way there will be no confusion from people believing you are shutdown or away.

7. Secure Valuables or Keep Them Off-site

A business has many valuable assets, computers, laptops, printers, cameras, files, cash, the list is endless and all these are attractive items for thieves. Secure valuable items in a locked airtight cabinets for safekeeping and ensure all filing cabinets are locked. If you are leaving your business for an extended period of time for vacation,  it is a good idea to store valuable equipment with a professional art storage company for maximum safety. Don’t risk leaving your business valuables in full view of thieves and increase the risk of a break in.

8. Business Insurance is a Must

Invest in a comprehensive property and contents insurance plan for your business protection, in case disaster strikes you can get your losses recovered and avoid short-term cost shocks. There are many affordable plans out there, make sure you search for one that suits your business size and type. Insurance will also cover your business in case of natural disasters and other unforeseen events and is therefore very important.