Networking as an Interior Designer


It is essential to know how to build a network of industry contacts and design clients. Firstly, to begin working as an interior stylist, you need a certificate or qualification in the field. Already got that and wondering what’s next? Now you need to grow your business, which will take time; however, you can make the process go faster by following a few tips. These tips will help you, and your company do well in the field of interior design.

Attend conferences

An excellent way to network with other interior designers is by attending conferences. You should be attending conferences in and outside of town to help you gain insight into the interior design industry. When you are mingling around other designers, home stages and professional organisers, you can learn design knowledge and get some great business tips. Be sure you know the tips of the trade which you can get from a simple conversation with another designer. This is an excellent way to get yourself known and get in contact with people who are willing to take you under their wing or even hire you within their firm. Most conferences have a main speaker who will be well known and thriving in the industry.

Volunteer in charities

When you are providing volunteer service to a charity, it will boost your business and make you known within the community. Not only is it personally rewarding to help out a charity, but it also gains your respect within the industry. Is there a local shelter that is lacking in paintwork? Offer to paint the walls a fresh colour. Just a simple coat of paint can change the look of a room dramatically. People will start to perceive you as a great figure that is doing something to help within the community. You can connect with other designers to make your project a reality. Work together with another designer fresh out of school like yourself to redesign a community building and gain tips from other professionals.

Once you create your connections with the locals, it will help build up your list of design contacts. You need design contacts to get to the point of landing a decorating contract.

Start your blog

A popular way to stay on top of the latest trends in the decorating world is by blogging. When you are blogging, you have a source of information for others in the same field as you. Blogging is an easy way to inspire people with all of your designs as well as showing what you can do for potential clients. Blogging is a way to showcase your style and personality, so have fun with it and be yourself. Tell your audience about the current projects you are working and your current favourite trends of the season and ensure you are getting engagement. Share your posts on social media to get some great recommendations.

Gaining referrals

Referrals from different clients are precious and can get you into the industry quicker. Marketing your business is something, but when it comes to winning clients, it is priceless. The word of mouth referrals helps to keep business booming and put you in demand for your interior decorating work.

Did you know; the easiest way to gain referrals is to do the best job you can for an excellent price for one client who will then pass you on to others. Keep in touch with other professionals and past clients. It will take a while to gain clients, but when you do, you will be grabbing projects left, right and centre.

Remain focused and do not give up. Stay competitive and do the best you can.