Importance of Loyalty in Business

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If you are an apple user of phones, iPads and computers and are very happy with the items and brand then you will most likely consider buying them again. If you have had a good experience with that brand or service beforehand then you are more likely to go back to it when you need to. If you find Samsung easy to use, their products are long lasting and you have had good experience with their customer service line then when you need a new product or want some updated products whether for home or the office then you will head directly to Samsung to get the replacement. This is simply because you are loyal to the brand and this isn’t uncommon. These are both examples of customer loyalty.

What exactly is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is when they choose a particular product or brands and use them over all the rest even if they are priced a little higher than the competition. When you have a loyal customer, they won’t be easily swayed by availability or by price. Customers will be happy to pay more and get the same product or service that they know and love.

You gain customer loyalty from one company be consistently meeting and going over the customers’ expectations. If they trust a company, they will purchase from them again in the future and even persuade their friends and family to do so as well. It may be something as simple as going to the same business that has designed your previous custom designed basketball uniforms and all other basketball apparel for domestic competitions of basketball. This is a prime example of customer loyalty.

The importance of customer loyalty

Loyalty within a business is important for every part of your business. Customers that are not happy will certainly not buy from you again. Without loyal staff and customers your business will simply not survive and struggle to meet your manufacturing and sales goals.

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New customers will cost more to obtain, and they don’t spend as much money first up as your returning customers will. You need to have customers coming back which is critical for successful and that is why things like short term profit grabs just don’t work.

You need to make sure you are rewarding your customers and their loyalty. If you are doing constant work for them, say you work in the manufacturing and wire work industry, you will need to make sure you deliver the finest work to them. Make it know that the standards of your wire furniture and other items will not waiver and this consistency is something your customers can expect.

Stronger customer loyalty will enhance your company to grow

It may be obvious that loyal returning customers that are spending money are good for your business but there are other benefits also. Think of your business like a leaky bucket. Your customers are coming in and filing the bucket up and then you have a full bucket of not only customers but also profits to.

Now think about a bucket with a hole in it. Your customers that were filling it up are now leaking out slowly. When you start losing customers it is called a churn. There is no easy way to start filling up that bucket fast as you are still losing customers. Now you can patch the hole up and improve the retention but that simply means that you still need to be keeping customers inside the bucket.

What benefits are to be gained via business loyalty?

Repeat business

Customer acquisition and retention

Minimise service cost

Reduce marketing costs

Forecast accuracy

Improve your brand image

Stand tall among the competitors

Good quality and honest feedback

Heard the expression the first impression is the last impression?

This is certainly true when you are talking about business. When you end up selling something to a customer for the first time you need to ensure everything is in order like a proper greeting, product demo and ensuring they have no questions or concerns about the product before buying. This builds trust and confidence between the staff and the customer. Once the trust and confidence grows more the business will come flowing in.

Ensure you stay connected with your customers by their preferred method and time of communication. If none has been supplied and you call check what time you are calling and avoid times like lunch time and late at night out of respect. Let the customers know there are new products or services on offer but don’t push just remind them you are still around. ensure your customer services is spot on as 67% of customers refused to buy products from a certain shop if they experienced bad customer feedback.

Bring in a loyalty program

It is a good idea to bring in a loyalty program which means each time a customer buys a product from you they are reward with loyalty points. These can be accumulated over time and redeemed for a free product or service overtime. This gives the customers some motivation to spend more in the store.

Networking as an Interior Designer


It is essential to know how to build a network of industry contacts and design clients. Firstly, to begin working as an interior stylist, you need a certificate or qualification in the field. Already got that and wondering what’s next? Now you need to grow your business, which will take time; however, you can make the process go faster by following a few tips. These tips will help you, and your company do well in the field of interior design.

Attend conferences

An excellent way to network with other interior designers is by attending conferences. You should be attending conferences in and outside of town to help you gain insight into the interior design industry. When you are mingling around other designers, home stages and professional organisers, you can learn design knowledge and get some great business tips. Be sure you know the tips of the trade which you can get from a simple conversation with another designer. This is an excellent way to get yourself known and get in contact with people who are willing to take you under their wing or even hire you within their firm. Most conferences have a main speaker who will be well known and thriving in the industry.

Volunteer in charities

When you are providing volunteer service to a charity, it will boost your business and make you known within the community. Not only is it personally rewarding to help out a charity, but it also gains your respect within the industry. Is there a local shelter that is lacking in paintwork? Offer to paint the walls a fresh colour. Just a simple coat of paint can change the look of a room dramatically. People will start to perceive you as a great figure that is doing something to help within the community. You can connect with other designers to make your project a reality. Work together with another designer fresh out of school like yourself to redesign a community building and gain tips from other professionals.

Once you create your connections with the locals, it will help build up your list of design contacts. You need design contacts to get to the point of landing a decorating contract.

Start your blog

A popular way to stay on top of the latest trends in the decorating world is by blogging. When you are blogging, you have a source of information for others in the same field as you. Blogging is an easy way to inspire people with all of your designs as well as showing what you can do for potential clients. Blogging is a way to showcase your style and personality, so have fun with it and be yourself. Tell your audience about the current projects you are working and your current favourite trends of the season and ensure you are getting engagement. Share your posts on social media to get some great recommendations.

Gaining referrals

Referrals from different clients are precious and can get you into the industry quicker. Marketing your business is something, but when it comes to winning clients, it is priceless. The word of mouth referrals helps to keep business booming and put you in demand for your interior decorating work.

Did you know; the easiest way to gain referrals is to do the best job you can for an excellent price for one client who will then pass you on to others. Keep in touch with other professionals and past clients. It will take a while to gain clients, but when you do, you will be grabbing projects left, right and centre.

Remain focused and do not give up. Stay competitive and do the best you can.

What To Expect as an Interior Designer

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The work of an interior design consultant is to suggest interior design options for clients. Generally, clients would want their interior of the house, office, gym, hotel, and even a hospital decorated. The interior styling service is there to help design and build a plan that will satisfy the client needs, wants and aspirations. Most interior designers work in design consulting firms while others are their bosses and others are freelance designer consultants.

Interior stylists or designers usually work full-time business hours and charge per the actual hours worked. However, they can extend the working hours, which implies that you will have to top up extra cash. They are flexible; they can meet their clients at any time of the day. It can be in the morning, afternoon, evening and during weekends as well. Below are the day-to-day activities of an interior design consultant.

1. Meeting with clients

This is the core task of an interior design consultant. First on the agenda is to arrange a meeting with the client. Interior designers listen to their client’s needs and advises accordingly. They also do all the following up with the client until the project is completed. After the project, it is the interior designers job to address the concerns a client may of had and rectify these concerns. It helps to ensure that the client is happy with the results.

2. Draft the design structure

This involves creating designs plan for either a new place or an existing one. A successful interior design consultant needs to be fully equipped with technical and managerial skills. This is because they need to know the function of that place they are designing. They need to analyse the client’s expectation before drawing the plan.

Once the designer has figured all that out, the technical skills come in handy. They need to be able to draw sketches, schematics, designs, and blueprint with several computer-aided programs. This can be done by themselves or, it can be given to a junior with the same profession.

3. Interior décor

People consult interior design consultants when they need help with their interiors. Their work is to suggest elements materials, product to use or buy, accessories to buy and even estimate the budget. It depends on what the client needs. A client may decide to purchase the product or delegate the whole work onto the consultant.

4. Look for the opportunity in real estate companies

There are several opportunities an interior designer can get from real estate companies. Most of the time, real estate firms hire independent design consultants to help them glam the location of the houses. Even some of the homes they need to showcase to their potential customers.

5. Business venture

Any interior design consultant working for a firm knows that part of their work is to market the firm and skills they have. They are promoting this business. Additionally, interior designers create invoices and sends them to their clients. At any given job, they will hire and supervise those workers until the work is done.

What does it take to be an interior design consultant?

Firstly, for you to take this as a profession, you need to be creative. Creative thinking is the backbone of this profession. You should be able to imagine and come up with authentic designs that will please your clients.

Drawing is another essential skill that will help you excel in this profession. Ability to illustrate and draw technical designs using computer software is a plus and makes work easier. However, if a client requests a sketch by hand, you should be able to give. Finally, you should be able to draft drawings with blueprints.